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Why Me

Why me? Because of many good reasons:
    Full Command In The Field
  • I am expert in both web development/programming and web designing with a very vast experience in the field. No matter how complex the task is, I can do it without having any difficulty.
  • Up To Eighty Percent Less Cost
  • You may get your desired work by hiring the services of an IT company but normally you will have to pay them approximately 50% and in some cases even 80% more than what you have to pay me to get the same required output. I usually charge 20% to 50% of the normal cost. You may be surprised why I work at such a low cost. The reason is web experts like me do not have to invest anything but time in their projects. They use their brain, wisdom and creativety that they have already learned from their educational institues, training centers and experience. Now they just need a computer with an Internet service which cannot be seen as an investment because in today's world everybody needs a computer with a broadband facility. Let's suppose a task takes 2 days with an approximate normal cost of $500. I know I just have to spend two days sitting in front of my computer, working comfortably, enjoying having tea, fruits and other such luxuries without having to invest anything. Furthermore I love my work and enjoy doing it. So what's wrong if I get $200 or $250 instead of $500 particularly when the competition is so high and offering a work with a much less cost increases probability of getting it significantly! I am in no hurry to become a millionaire or billionaire specially when I am more interested in learning new things continuously from the origin of the universe and how exactly the planes fly to the life of wild animals in land and sea. Knowing more and more about new things even irrelavent to IT field may not be financially beneficial to me but it fulfills my thirst of knowledge to some extent. Well, $500 may be fantastic but $200 is also not bad for just a work of one or two days. That's what my strategy is.
  • Direct Interaction With The Web Developer
  • All the expensive software houses/IT companies hire IT experts like me either on salary or contract basis to do the job of website development. So even if you take the services of an expensive software house, it will be in fact a web developer with expertise equal to or less than mine, doing work on your project. So why not interect directly with the person who actually will work on your project and who can understand better what exactly you want by communicating with you directly?
  • No Disadvantage At All
  • Is there any disadvantage of hiring me instead of an expensive software house for a website development work? No, not at all. Some may get confused who don't know the difference between an IT company/software house and a hosting service provider. This confusion may arise because some software houses claim they provide with hosting service too but actually they use a third party hosting service. In this sense I can also say I provide hosting service. Some may get more confused after reading this but actually things are very simple. Once you know how the system works, you will have a very clear picture there is no disadvangtage of hiring me as compare to a software house. So here I am going to explain it to you: In order to have a website, you need three main things:
    1. Someone to develop your website, a web developer, for example.
    2. A website address or website name which is also called domain name or URL, google.com or http://yahoo.com, for examples. One such domain name or website address people will type to view your website via Internet.
    3. As your website has been developed and a name also be given, now you need a hosting service so that your webstie can be seen all over the world through Internet.
    Developing a website is the major thing that takes considerable time and cost. That's what the software houses and web developers do. The charges for registering a website address/domain name are around $10 for the entire one year; and the monthly charges for providing with hosting service are approximately from $3 to $8. To get your website address/domain name registered and website hosted you need a hosting company. There are worldwide famous hosting companies that you can yourself choose from to register your website address/domain and get a hosting service. Three of the worldwide famouse hosting services are http://www.hostgator.com, http://www.bluehost.com/ and http://godaddy.com/. I use http://www.hostgator.com for my this website. The point is registering your domain name/website address and getting a hosting service has nothing to do with a software house/IT company or a web developer though you can take their help and suggestions for it. The system works in such a way that I, for example, develop your website and upload the website code to your desired hosting company and your website becomes visible on the Internet. Now it will become the responsibility of that worldwide famous hosting company to make sure your website remains visible on the Internet as long as you pay them monthly or annual charges. That hosting company will also keep the code of your website. Once I upload the code to your desired hosting company, you can change the password of the hosting company yourself and I will not be able to aceess it again unless you tell me the new password. Hence you will not be dependent on me or a software house to run your website on the Internet. I will also provide you with the copy of entire website code separately through an email attachment. Next time if you need some major updates in your website, you can again call me or take the services of someone else for it and after getting it done, you can again change the password. The point is that whether you hire me or a very expensive software house for the development of your site, in any case none of them or me will be able to control your website once they uplaod the website code to a worldwide famous hosting service unless you again allow them to do so by telling them the new password.
  • You will Have Benefits Of Knowing All The Facts
  • Apart from a very low cost, there are some other significant benefits too for hiring me. Most of Others do not tell all the relevent facts to their clients and want to have significant control over their websites so that the clients may remain dependent on them and hire them again for the future updates. I am not one of them. I am living my life with some principles based on humanity, sincerety and human rights. I have already told you above some valuable information in this regard. Here another thing you must do is too make sure you are the lawful owner of your website and the domain name/website address. If you don't know, I will tell you how to confirm it. It should not be the case that your web developer or software house is technically the owner of your website otherwise they may change the password and do anything with your website without your consent and even claim ownership of it later once your website becomes famous just to get more money from you. If you already have a website and you have just come to know your web developer or IT company hid some significant facts from you and you are still not technically the lawful owner of your webstie, don't be worried. Just let me know and I will tell you how to get out of it.
  • Some Hundred Percent Free Work
  • Let's suppose you hire me and describe what things you want me include in your website. During the course of the website development, if you change your mind about some text, images or color that I have already done, most likely I will update it without taking anymore amount from you. Normally this does not happen. Once a client approves something, he/she will have to pay more if he/she changes his/her mind about any of the things. But if you hire me, you will get that done free of cost.
  • One Of The Best Ways To Secure Your Website Code
  • Apart from uploading the website to your desired web hosting service, I will also send to your email address another copy of the entire website code including the database code in the form of a single zip file as an email attachment. So you will have another copy of your entire website as long as you do not delete my that email message comprising the attachment. Now I also have started to keep the code of my clients' website in three different secure places so that if you ever lose your website code for whatever reasons, you can instruct me to send you a copy of it.