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About Me
I started learning web development since my childhood and made many websites doing part-time work; and since completing my education of Computer Engineering(BS in Computer Engineer) from Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, I have been doing it full time. So overall I have a very vast experience in this field and can develop every type of website no matter how complex the task is. I can do, not only all types of complex programming in a website but can also make the designing of a website with great professionalism. This also includes all sort of image editing and creating by Photoshop and
Flash work. Not many web developoers or programmers are also good web designers, but when I started learing how to construct a website, I thought I needed to know all the things a website possesses to become a professional in the field, besides the fact I was very keen to learn every aspect of it as I have always had a great passion for knowledge. With the completion of my education of Software Engieering, I came to know most web developers/programmers do not pay much attention to the designing of a website and leave this part for those who can only design a website with no or very little programming skills. Knowing that did not stop me doing designing work along with programming and I continued to learn and apply new designing techniques too along with keeping myself updated with the latest technology in the field of web programming.
I can develop websites in any language. Google Translation facility along with some instructions from clients makes it very easy to develop websites in any language. One thing that many do not know is about copy rights act. If you like a website very much and want to have one for you exactly the same both in designing and programming, legally you can do it. It is just like you see a very attractive looking house and decide to build one for you precisely the same, but you have to use your own material. It means you cannot steal the code and images of that website but you can have a web developer create your own code to develop a website exactly the same.
If you want, you can select a design from any of the website via Internet or choose any programming feature given in any other website of the world. Instruct me to develop a website exactly the same or similar to it whatever you wish, and I will do the job for you quite easily. Nothing is beyond my expertise in the field.